Us two. Crazy in love. Our favorite thing is getting to know new people, hearing their stories and taking photos of them. We are overjoyed when a moment full of love and happiness is captured. It's there. Forever. And whenever you look at it, you will feel it like you did before. And your heart will beat a lil' faster. And you will smile. 

devotion • noun • de·vo·tion \ di-ˈvō-shən, dē-\ a feeling of strong love or loyalty 


Eva & Gašper

It is almost two years since we got married in the middle of May. The day was perfect and Aluna Wedding photographers made it unforgettable in the best possible way:).

The Aluna Wedding photographers (Romina and Anže) are just amazing. They have sensitive eye for tiny things and little details and for great big moments as well. We love their style of photography. Seems like they can get used to any situation (and we know, you need to be prepared for anything when it comes to wedding:). The Aluna photographers listen to your preferences very carefully, but they still do give a lot of their artsy “touch” in their work. They really are like a true multi-function team. They are like a perfect match, really nice to communicate with, very professional and on the other hand very easygoing and simple. And did I mention they are couple in a private life. Really lovely! We enjoyed spending time with them! On a wedding day they were “invisible” but on other hand always present in the moment and we loved that. There was no one situation, we would feel uncomfortable or trying to pose:), but we were really us, truly natural, not hiding our emotions and this is the most important thing! We had a few coffees together to plan our wedding day, but we did’t want to complicate, so they made for us a great story on a foto paper, we can never forget. They “painted” our wedding day exactly as we remember it. Magical!

Thank you Aluna Weddings!

Polona & Grega

Our wedding experience with Aluna Weddings was amazing. Romantic wedding in the old town Piran on the Slovenian coast was perfectly captured by talented, flexible and motivated Romina and Anže. Almost invisible during the ceremony, but always there to capture the right moment. Photographs are very creative, professional and detailed… See for yourself. Highly recommended. 

Mike and katja

... Romina and Anže were punctual, professional and sweethearts that went the extra mile. They came to Amsterdam for our engagement shoot and captured us in it the way we wanted to remember it. They grasped what we felt about a place and mirrored it back to us. Their uses of photographic technique amplify the sensation of a place and the emotions being experienced. This precision is something I valued immensely as a professional because it gave me a chance to experience the photos and not be distracted by minor details. Our wedding took place in a number of locations including the ceremony at a beautiful meadow above lake Bohinj, drinks and dinner at Vila Bled (Tito’s old residence) and finally the party in the Orangery. Besides imminent rain showers, lucky bursts of sunshine, plenty of commuting by car and boat and a ceremonial dash up a 100 steps, there were numerous bits of details we also wanted highlighting. Romina and Anže got it all! Their experience and style meant they captured the raw beauty of the locations with ease and spent a lot of their time hunting for tender and funny moments, but still able to squeeze in 2 couple shoots at 2 different locations. We had done our best to get the most out of the day and thanks to them we’ll be able to relive it again and again. Side by side in life and at work means that you do not only get 2 photographers, 2 angles, and 2 different synergistic insights, but also 2 new friends.

Thank you both for your passion, commitment and kindness!